Professional Stain Removal

Our dry cleaning operators are capable of removing great deal of stains by their special solvents, equipment, training and experience. A successful stain removal significantly depends on nature of the stain, type of the fabric and durability of the dye used on the article. On the other hand, some fabricks and fabric dyes may not be suitable to use cleaning and stain removing chemicals.

When your garments get dirty

When your garments get dirty and/or are stained, have them cleaned as soon as possible. If stains and soils remain for a long time on your garments, they establish on the garment firmly, penetrating into the fibers of the article. Furthermore, when the soils and stains remain long time on the garment, it may cause oxidization and they may become stains impossible to remove.

At the End of the Season

Pack your garments definitely after having them cleaned at the end of the season. Stiff air, temperature, natural and artificial light of your wardrobe may cause firm establishment of the stains.

Attention when ironing

Never iron your stained and dirty products. Heat and soil fix the stains, making them difficult or impossible to remove.

When Using Deodorant

Never wear your garments before materials containing deodorant, lotion, perfume and alcohol dry on your body. Absorption of these materials by your garments may give damage to your garment. When such stains remain on your garment for a long time, they burn and impair composition of the fibers as they contain high degree alcohol, turning these stains into burns.

Protect Against Perspiration

Protect your garments agaist contact with perspiration as far as possible. Perspiration burns the fabric fibers, turning them into yellow stains,that is, acidization. Acidization may also discolor your garment.

In case of persistent stains

Some actions of you may cause fixation of the stains and sometimes discolor the fabric. Some methods you apply may cause further penetration of the stain into the body of the fabric, making even the simplest stain a permanent one. Store your garments after cleaning because oxidization to develop over time may make it impossible to remove even a water stain.