Dry Cleaning & Franchising

According to U.S. News & World Report, dry cleaning is one of ten fields that do not sound glamorous, but often make their owners millionaires. Because, "there's never a shortage of dirty clothes."

The reason is that numerous consumers drop their garments at the professional dry cleaners every day and millions of new garments are manufactured with the care label of "Dry Clean Only").

Some of the most important advantages of dry cleaning industry are having exceptional growth potential and a great likelihood of financial stability. Dry cleaning is not a trend. It doesn't matter what the latest trend in clothing may be, if it's summer, winter, holiday season, or vacation time. Customers will always have their quality garments cleaned professionally.

Even when other industries suffer through recession, people continue to have need for dry cleaning.

In short, dry cleaning is a business where you can, after making investment cost, make high profit in cash.