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Care labels indicate how to clean textile articles in the best possible way. The Care Labeling Rule requires that manufacturers attach a permanent care label to textile garments to give the consumer and the dry cleaner guidance in proper care for the item. It must be permanently attached to the garment and remain legible for the life of the garment. The care label must also be placed where the consumer can read it before purchase.
Manufacturers must list at least one method of safe care for a garment. The label must also warn about any part of the recommended care method that would harm the garment of other garments cleaned with it. It must also warn when there is no method for cleaning a garment without damaging it.
Care instructions on the label must apply to all parts of the garment. If a label says "dry clean" this should mean that all components, including the outer shell, lining, buttons, interfacing, any fusing material, sewing thread must be colorfast, they must not discolor, melt, or be otherwise altered during cleaning by the recommended care method.
When a garment has two or more parts that are sold as a unit, only one label is required. When the parts are designed to be sold separately, or if pieces require different care, each part must have its own label.
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