REALSTAR Dry Cleaning Machines
RealStar Realstar Srl, established more than 30 years ago and based in new factory of 8000 m2, near Bologna - Italy, is one of the leading manufacturers of dry cleaning machines, using perchlorethylene or hydrocarbon solvents, with approximately 95% of production being exported world-wide. Realstar possesses a sales network of selected dealers that operate in 100 countries world-wide. Realstar dealers are the best the field offers, authentic consultants that will aid you in your choices and continue to assist you with swift assistance, thus giving Realstar what it takes to maintain their position as a leader in the dry cleaning sector. A complete range of professional machines, a considerable step forward from a technical and operative point of view, which renews Realstar's reputation as innovators of advanced technology with:
  • Outstanding Performance
  • Reduced Drying Cycle
  • Flexible and Practical Use
  • Energy, Space Saving
  • Easy Access for Maintenance and Use
  • Good Prices