Franchising Operations
Before Opening:
  • Before finding a site, detailed potential research in the investment location; local geographical, demographic and physical characteristics,
  • Feasibility studies for the location of store,
  • Project and design of store decoration and layout of the machine equipment according to the concept of Dry Center.
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  • Quality Dry Center Training which is given just starting from the first day:
    1. For the employee:
      • Customer services,
      • Garments reception,
      • Stain identification and removal techniques,
      • Ironing techniques,
      • Product delivery.
    2. For the executive:
      • Preparation of financial statements,
      • General and local marketing methods.
    After opening:
  • 1-month operating support given together with the opening,
  • Advantages provided by DRY CENTER facilities for purchase of supplies to ensure sustainability of the goods and service standards,
  • Advertising and promotion operations in the city, region and country,
  • Sustainability of technical service operation,
  • Awareness and consultancy service in every matter.