Why don't you guarantee to your customers that stains will be removed?

Lekelere neden garanti verilemiyor One of the main reasons garments are brought to the drycleaner is for the removal of stains. Stain removal is a complex procedure that may require the use of a number of chemicals, many of which are water based. Water is a necessary aid for the removal of water-soluble stains such as fruit juices, mixed drinks, and other beverages. But if the dye used on the fabric is water soluble as well, dye loss and dye transfer may occur. Our operators, with their special solvents, equipments and training, can remove most of the stains. Many factors determine if a stain will be removed: Certain limitations of Dry cleaning:
1. Removing certain stains: The nature and age of the stain, plus the color and construction of the fabric, sometimes make stains impossible to remove without damaging the fabric.
2. Preventing some colors from bleeding or fading: If the manufacturer does not thoroughly test the dyes to make sure they are colorfast to both solvent and water, some color may be lost during the cleaning process. This is considered to be the manufacturer's responsibility.
3. Reversing worn or torn areas caused by wear, perspiration, damage caused by insects, or liquid spills: Such holes or rips may not appear before cleaning, but they result from a previous weakening of the fibers.
The more information consumers give us and the sooner a garment is brought in, the greater the chance of satisfactory stain removal.

What if the care label is followed and a problem develops?

The care labeling system is intended to supply consumers and dry cleaners with correct information of the care treatment of textile products, so that the processes contained on the label should avoid any damage of the product. If you or the cleaner follow the manufacturer's instructions and the garment is damaged, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer, who has not tested the fabric and the components properly before labeling. If the problem arises from a manufacturing defect, you should return the item to the retail store where it was purchased.

Manufacturing problems arise in fabrics as well. Other defects to look for are:
1-Dyes that dissolve in dry cleaning solvent, causing excessive bleeding or fading.
2-Sizing that dissolves in solvent or water.
3-Shrinkage due to failure to preshrink fabric before garment construction. Loss or dulling of surface sheen due to wear and tear of finish. Colour loss or change in dyes sensitive to light or to action of the surrounding air. Shrinkage or separation of attached interfacing and bonded fabrics.

Should I tell the operator what has caused a stain?

Bring your stained garments to us for professional cleaning as soon as possible after the staining occurs. The more information consumers give us and the sooner a garment is brought in, the greater the chance of satisfactory stain removal.