Human Resources Policy

Dry Center IK Among the operating principles of Dry Center, the quick service, quality cleaning, world-class service and Customer Satisfaction enjoy the most important place.

In order to successfully achieve these principles at all its dry cleaning stores throughout Turkey, DRY CENTER gives the best and most extensive training to its chosen personnel. With its training programs open to development, DRY CENTER acts like a professional school for the employees. Doors of DRY CENTER are wide open to those who combine the training support they receive with their performance.

DRY CENTER is well aware that the biggest investment to be made today is the one made in the training and people themselves in accordance with the current and modern requirements.

Importance of the Development Process

Always following the advanced technology and International Fabricare Institute (IFI) publications, Dry Center makes its best endeavor to improve its system and working standards all the time.

Total Quality Management

Investment made by Dry Center in the quality and people is for continuous improvement and development. All processes are reviewed on basis of "Customer Orientation" and studies are made how to be better and quicker. In his sense, due importance is given to the teamwork with complete attendance of all employees.