Carpet Cleaning with Dry Center Quality and Assurance

Dry Center Carpet Cleaning Responding to the demands, Dry Center, the leader of the dry cleaning sector in Turkey, prepares to extend its professional service to the carpet cleaning sector as well.

Professional carpet cleaning service will be offered soon first in Istanbul...

Today Dry Center has extended its prestigious service to 13 major cities in Turkey Turkey ( Adana, Ankara, Antalya, Aydin, Bursa, Denizli, Eskisehir, Istanbul, Izmir, Kayseri, Konya, Mersin, Trabzon ) offering service in compliance with the world-class service standards.

How a Carpet is Cleaned ?

Before proceeding to the carpet cleaning process, the carpets should be classified by types, controlled for status of soils and stains degree and any wear, measured in square meter and priced accordingly. Cleaning fees of the hand-woven carpets are higher than the other groups; the reason is that washing of such carpets require more competent processes, the chemical products used are of high cost and these products are heavier. Carpet cleaning process consists of several stages.

The first stage is dusting. Dusting operation is performed by a so-called dusting machine. And then the carpets are kept subject to the retting stage.

Retting involves soaking the carpets in a pool full with water and holding them there for a certain time. This method aims at softening the soils on the carpets, thus facilitating the cleaning operation.

Later on, primary cleaning operation is started for the carpets.

Carpet Cleaning Machines

In the primary cleaning stage, semi-automatic and full-automatic machines are used.

In the systems using semi-finished carpet cleaning machine, the carpets are laid on a flat and clean surface, wetted and shampooed, ad brushed by a person using semi-finished brushing machine and than the dirty water is removed. This process may be repeated depending on the soiliness degree of the carpet.

In the systems using full-automatic carpet cleaning machine, the carpet is delivered to the machine. These are machines equipped with conveyor belt. While the carpet advances on the belt, it receives different operations such as wetting, shampooing, rinsing, vacuuming and rolling.

Rinsing & Drying & Packaging

Centrifugal machines are used for better squeeze and short drying after the rinsing stage. These machines generally remove the water by spinning the carpet by centrifugal system at high revolution. In the rinsing cycle, almost no water remains on the carpets.

For drying the moist carpets, different operations are performed depending on the season. In the summer, when there is no rain, the carpets are hanged in parallel with each other and kept in open air. Thus they are aerated for avoidance of smell. In the winter, the carpets are place in the drying chambers.

The drying chambers are the units where the carpets are dehumidified with the moist removed by evaporation by delivery of hot air into a hot and closed environment, with circulation of the air inside.

Carpets, completely dried, are aerated for a while, followed by packaging to make ready them for delivery.


Misproper cleaning operations applied at home or by unconscious cleaners and use of inappropriate cleaning articles lead to negative results for preservation of both health and carpet quality. Keeping the carpet subject to direct sunlight cause negative results in terms of colors and texture of it.
The carpets that, although seem to be dry, are not dry completely, with some moist remained among the piles, may lead to decomposition of the carpet. Furthermore, it creates an environment appropriate for activity of the microorganisms which pose risk for health.
Sweep your carpets periodically by vacuum cleaning machine without harsh action. Your attempt at cleaning the carpet by wiping will cause migration of the soils from the carpet surfel to the base, thus leading to a misleading clean appearance. In case of a stain, intervene with it according to the direction of a professional firm. Do not put on the carpet articles with sharp and pointed feet.
Take care to store the carpets you will not use as rolled or in vertical position. Have the worn fringes of your hand-woven carpets repaired without causing adverse effect on the carpet itself.
For such carpets, original fringe should be preferred instead of overlock. Even a well-kept carpet should be cleaned once in 6 months in average. In case of carpets not cleaned well, even if appeared clean, the soils among the piles would surface soon, causing the carpets to get dirty earlier. Ideal result to be obtained by washing the carpet should include hygiene, cleaning and extension of its life.

History of Carpet

The oldest carpet known worldwide was found in Pazyryk Kurgan, Altai. (*Kurgan is the name given to the ancient Turkish graves in Asia).
Region of Altai is the settlement which has been used by the Turks from the oldest ages in the history. Rudenko, Russian archeologist, claimed that the carpet found in Pazirik was a Persian one And other Russian archeologists and art historians writing about Pazyryk carpet have also wrote articles to the effect that Pazirik is a Persian or Scythian one.

Pazyryk Carpet - Hermitage Museum (St. Petersburg) Pazirik Plateau where the oldest carpet was discovered is located on the bank of the river Yan Ulagan near Balikli Gol.
Pazyryk carpet, recognized as the oldest carpet worldwide, has preserved leopard stamp and pictures of riders wearing trousers and saddle on it intact.

The Picture on the right shows a motif from Pazyryk carpet with a design of Rider which is exhibited in Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg.